We are highly appreciating your initiative towards this cause. We would recommend you to see some other cause if you would like to donate more.

  • Donation of your choice

    Any donation you give here will allocated to one ore more of the following

    1. A scholarship to an orphan
    2. teachers salary
    3. Food supply
    4. Books
    5. Desk and chair
    6. essentials for the children

    Membership fee

  • Fund a teacher’s salary

    The schools ability to grow rely on the availability of professional teachers, we need to hire 6 additional teachers this year.

  • Plumbing and laying waterpipes in the ground

    Plumbing and laying waterpipes in the ground – enabling water supply from the schools water pump and water tower to the dormitories and class rooms.

  • A scholarship to an orphan

    After primary school orphans typically have only themselves to rely on when it comes to financial support. Many of them are left to seek employment in poorly paid jobs or have to rely on inadequate help from oftentimes poor relatives. For 1.800 DKK per year you can ensure that an orphan gets a “home” and an education.

  • A weeks supply of corn to the schools kitchen

    At present the schools kitchen use 200 Kg of corn flour per week. It is the key ingredient in the food prepared for the students every day. Many of the students had to rely on their own provisioning of food every day before coming to Mariolett.
    By donating 700 DKK you will secure at least one weeks supply of food for the school.

  • SEFU Membership

    For 200 DKK annually the school can feed 70 students for two full days.
    Provide a mattress to a student – badly needed as orphans can not afford it – cost 100 DKK

  • Fund a class romm desk and two chairs

    For 300 DKK the school can procure a locally produced desk along with two chairs. At present the school is short of desks and chairs – the 60 on site has to be shared among +70 students.