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In Uganda children are offered 7 years free education. In Northern Uganda the opportunity to continue to High-school and take further education is very limited, and affordable for only very few.

Northern Uganda is the poorest region in Uganda with very low living standard. The average monthly  income is less than 90 USD per month in rural areas and many families have less than 2 USD per day to make a living.

Unemployment is very high so many children end up with nothing to do after finishing primary school. As a result many girls get married in pre-arranged marriages at a very young age, and countless others end up as “street children” without any income and nowhere to live. They end up selling goods on the road side, as day laborers, criminals, poachers or prostitutes – and die far too young.  

The membership fee is 200 DKK.
With 200 DKK the school can feed 70 students for two full days.

Membership fee