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Sustainable Education for Uganda or SEFU is a Danish based, registered not for profit organization based on the idea that education creates wealth and that a locally founded curriculum makes its viable for students to plan and build their lives around the local community.

Talent is the most valuable resource of all and throughout civilization attracting and retaining talent has been the foundation upon which communities have created and accumulated wealth for generations. At SEFU we first create a foundation of humanistic and technical education on high school level over three years. We believe that the stability of any community depends on equal opportunity for all so we invite a balanced number of socially challenged students to participate for free in our educational programs. Their tuitions are paid by memberships. Paying and non paying student work side by side to create life long bonds that stich the community together. We work with local government to identity and prioritize trades that are needed locally and in 2021 we will offer our graduated high school students the opportunity of studying to become masons, carpenters or electricians. The curriculums are founded on locally sourced materials and on sustainable energy sources. We plan to extend the number of trade educations over time in synch with community demands and we hope one day to build centers of excellence with unique skills such as but not limited to the ability to build IT systems based on mobile phones. You can read more about people behind SEFU on the team page and if you or your organization which to fund a project the you can see the list of projects open for funding on the projects page.

The annual football game

4th of February 2020 – on Mariolett schools ground we had our annual big football gameREAD MORE

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